Data Wiring Solutions understands that fast, reliable connectivity is essential for homes and businesses today.

DWS has a large complement of customer service technicians who are effective, efficient and skilled in their craft. We also have a big fleet of vehicles, equipment, and gear that are second to none. Because we keep growing and developing our pool of highly-trained technicians, you can rely on us to help your business grow and meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth.

Our job is to not only provide your customers with excellent technical services, but also to be the best possible ambassadors for your brand – something we take very seriously. And because your customers consistently receive outstanding service from us, the decision to use your company is reinforced time and time again.

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    Exceptional set of skills and expertise
    Steadfast commitment to our company values

    What sets our team apart is our collective depth of experience in managing the business of telecommunications wiring and cabling.

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    We Live & Breathe Safety
    It’s an integral part of our management strategy

    Our company culture is based squarely on safety. We have two full-time safety officers whose job is to promote safe practices every single day. Once a month, we have all-staff safety meetings. r

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    We have top tier certifications
    We are also vendor certified top manufacturers

    Our BiSCi-certified designers have a professional designation of excellence in the design, implementation, integration and project management.

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    Giving back to the community
    We support many organizations and causes

    DWS is strongly committed to giving back to the community where we live. We support these worthy organizations, causes and 3 minor hockey teams.