We Live & Breathe Safety

Our company culture is based squarely on safety. We have two full-time safety officers whose job is to promote safe practices every single day. Once a month, we have all-staff safety meetings.

We were first in our industry to require our service vans to place cones in front and behind the vehicle at each job site. Our safety department also implemented a “back-in” policy for our fleet: it ensures safety when pulling out of a parking spot. As part of our safe driving practice, DWS provides weather and road hazard warnings to all our drivers. And in the fall, we issue “back to school” messages so our entire fleet of technicians can be on the watch for young children.

DWS is proud of its occupational health & safety program and our good track record. Not only do we meet the safety and regulatory requirements for all private sector and government contracts, but we consider safety to be the most important aspect of what we do. That’s why it’s an integral part of our management strategy.

We consider safety to be “Job 1”.

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